5 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in Jordan

When all around the developed world, discussions about the pros and cons of legalizing Marijuana are spurring, isn't it time to intellectually open that discussion in Jordan? Of course the majority of Jordanians know that this is a dream way out of reach and the stigma surrounding Marijuana is just way too strong around Marijuana... Continue Reading →


10 Seemingly Obvious Ways to Become a Better Human Being

I've often been dumbstruck at our ability as human beings to be completely insensitive and unaware of how our actions affect other people. Many things may seem like a given or common sense but somehow the majority of people fail to apply them on a day to day basis. Commonsense seems as many people have... Continue Reading →

One, two, three, four (An Ode to OCD)

It must fit well. One, two, three, four. This world of mine. One, two, three, four. Each line must beat. One, two, three, four. Symmetrically. One, two, three, four.   Each day must pass. One, two, three, four. Aesthetically. One, two, three, four. Do not do this. One, two, three, four. Don't break the rules.... Continue Reading →

What is Going on in Jordan?

For almost a week now, the Jordanian people have been taking to the streets to protest their government and a new income tax law. Starting with a basic goal of refuting the Income Tax Law proposed by a hugely unpopular government, the demands then quickly grew higher to include goals like the resignation of the... Continue Reading →

Amman; The Dirty Nun.

For almost 10 years, I have been a stranger to my own city. Stuck between the layers of normal life, sanctity of public streets, conservative colleagues and coworkers and achieving my own dreams of self development, I have often chose to overlook the true face of my third-world conservative Middle Eastern city. For most outsiders... Continue Reading →

Why Smokers Never Truly Quit

It's been five months since I smoked my last cigarette. By now, I thought all the cravings and problems would have faded away, at least that's what every cigarette-virgin, health-obsessed lunatic makes it seem like. "Just get through the first couple of weeks," you'd read on the internet by experts who never actually tried to... Continue Reading →

My Name is Farah and I have OCD

I am writing this post to raise awareness regarding a very serious mental illness. I am writing this to beg people who experience this to seek professional help and to give them hope that it could be better. I am writing this because I know, for certain, that many many people suffer from this without... Continue Reading →

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