Why Smokers Never Truly Quit

It's been five months since I smoked my last cigarette. By now, I thought all the cravings and problems would have faded away, at least that's what every cigarette-virgin, health-obsessed lunatic makes it seem like. "Just get through the first couple of weeks," you'd read on the internet by experts who never actually tried to... Continue Reading →


My Name is Farah and I have OCD

I am writing this post to raise awareness regarding a very serious mental illness. I am writing this to beg people who experience this to seek professional help and to give them hope that it could be better. I am writing this because I know, for certain, that many many people suffer from this without... Continue Reading →

The Secret Some of Us Share

Fair warning: This post is sad, emotional, and it will probably make you feel uncomfortable.¬† It's almost been a year since my friends and I went back to the places we call home. It's almost been a year since the last time I held them close in my arms, cried on their shoulders or goofily... Continue Reading →

An In-Depth Psychoanalysis of the Secret Magical Bond between Millennials and Traveling

Millennials.. either a generation of "self-entitled, spoiled, thinking they are the center of the world, dysfunctional adults" or "potential-filled, creative, unfortunate, poor bastards, who were dealt a very bad set of cards by previous generations." However way you choose to see it, according to WHO (World Health Oragnisation) one in every four adults worldwide will... Continue Reading →

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